Pal Gardens Agricultural Company is committed to fulfilling the requirements of the food safety, Halal, and quality management system following the international standard ISO 2018: 22000, in addition to the Palestinian Quality and Halal system, legislative and legal requirements, technical requirements, and the requirements of customers and related parties that the company seeks to satisfy them and achieve their desires. The company is also committed to continuous improvement of the food safety and quality management system to produce high-quality, nutritious products.

The company seeks to increase its sales and improve production capacity by following the best methods of production, adopting high-quality farms, improving the infrastructure of the company, and raising the efficiency of its workers. The company also seeks to ensure the safety of dates by reducing water activity to less than 0.62 and being free from pesticide residues within 4 years.

Executive Director

Palestine Gardens Awards & certificates

Pal Gardens Agricultural Company follows the most recent administrative methods that are followed in the whole world, which authorized it to obtain the ISO 22000 certificate, in its latest issuance for the year 2018, specialized in the food safety management system as well as the company obtaining a certificate of conformity of products that the company produced by the company to the Palestinian quality, the Palestinian Quality Certificate issued by the Palestinian Standards and Metrology Organization. The company obtained the Good Taste Certificate from the International Taste Institution. Taste the company’s products passed the taste test with the participation of 300 chefs around the world, obtaining a three-star rating with a rating of 95.1%.