CSR Description

PalGardens acts as an intermediary link between local Palestinian farmers and global markets. As part of our Group’s social responsibility, and in an attempt to build a sustainable Palestinian economy and future, we are committed to supporting our local farmers by helping them produce high-quality agricultural products to be distributed in global markets. Our modern farms serve as a showcase facility to local farmers to demonstrate an efficient and highly qualified production system to owners of small, medium, and large farms. Through our skilled team of agronomists, technicians, and consultants, we provide local farmers with consultation services on types of plants to grow, plant health practices, harvesting, and transportation methods, to meet the standards of international markets. The products of our Palestinian farmers, through the efforts of PalGardens, travel from local farms in Jericho and Tubbas to reach the shelves of high-end retail stores all around the world.

Additionally, as part of Sinokrot Holding (SH), we continue to follow its steps in providing exceptional career opportunities and ensuring Corporate Social Responsibility in different fields, such as education, health, youth, entrepreneurship, and sports.

For more information on the CSR activity of SH and its subsidiaries, please visit SH CSR.