Palestine Gardens Agricultural Company, one of Sinokrot Holding Companies, which specializes in growing, sorting, packaging, and exporting Palestinian Medjool dates, has obtained the GLOBAL G.A.P certificate from MAK International Company, which is specialized in awarding international and internationally accredited certificates.

Engineer Mo’men Sinokrot, Director of Pal Gardens Company, said, “The GLOBAL G.A.P certificate is added to the company’s balance of international certificates, which indicates that Pal Gardens has met the requirements of international good agricultural practices, that would give our product (Palestinian Medjool dates) the ability to reach the consumer anywhere in the world, and make him feel confident about the safety of dates.

He explained that one of the requirements of the certificate is that the products should be safe, reliable, and free of toxins, in addition to the cleanliness of the product, and to follow the production management. He added that MAK International Company has closely followed up the production process started from the date farms to the arrival of the product to the consumer to make sure if it followed the production process as required, in terms of gathering, irrigation, safe cultivation, and packaging.

In turn, Eng. Mo’men Sinokrot praised the role and effort exerted by Business Excellence Services Company (BESCO), which is specialized in developing international quality management systems, through its unique advisory staff, contributed to the development of the system in our company (Pal Gardens).

It is noteworthy that Palestine Gardens Agricultural Company, one of Sinokrot Holding companies, headquartered in Al-Ouja – Jericho and the Jordan Valley, has obtained many local and international quality certificates, in addition to the Halal Certificate from the Palestinian Standards Institution, the International Taste Certificate, and the ISO 22000 Certificate. It exports to more than 26 countries around the world in America, Europe, East Asia, and the Arab Gulf countries.



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