Welcome TO Palestine Gardens

PALESTINE GARDENS IS A SINOKROT HOLDING (SH) COMPANY Specialized In Producing High-Quality Medjoul Dates. Established In 2007, Palestine Gardens Is An Extension To The Thirty-Five Year Legacy Of Sh Benefiting From Its Experience And Success In The Global Market.

Palestine Gardens seeks to deliver high-end agricultural products to international and local markets, such as our premium date brands Qamar (Moon), and Sahara Crow
We are the leading exporter of dates in Palestine, playing a major role in increasing the share of Palestinian agricultural products in global markets. Our reach entailed over 20 countries and we aim to promote our products in new markets through partners who are strong leading businesses in their countries.

Our farms

Our factories are located in the rich fields of Al-Ouja, Jericho on an area of 4,200 square meters for the grading, sorting, and packing of freshly picked date products.

At Palestine Gardens we have the largest and most modern center for packing dates. Our products are carefully sorted through fully automated production lines, working in compliance with international standards.

The dates are washed with water, dried, and then packed automatically according to quality grade and fruit size. Each fruit is photographed separately and automatically weighted on the machine to be classified on pre-set computer equation that identifies to which size and quality grade it belongs. Each type is packed separately in the right box size under strict quality control measures at each stage. Our factory employs seasonally over 100 skilled labor, 50% of which are women and we have full-time technical and quality staff.


Our farms serve as a showcase facility to local farmers to demonstrate an efficient and highly qualified production system to owners of the small, medium, and large farms in Jericho and the Palestinian Jordan Valley.

Through our skilled team of agronomists, technicians, extension team, and consultants, we provide local farmers with consultation services on types of plants to grow, plant health practices, fertilizing, irrigation, harvesting, and transportation methods, to meet the standards of international markets. We then buy their quality products to sort and package in our packing house facility and export to global markets. This initiative helps us support Palestinian farmers and contribute to building a sustainable farming system.

Palestine Gardens farmers are spread along Jericho and the Jordan Valley and cover a geographical area of over 300 hectares of Palm trees


Shipping to more than 20 countries worldwide, Palestine Gardens is close to airports, harbors, and King Hussain Bridge access points to help us rapidly deliver goods to their final export destinations efficiently.

Our products can be exported to their destination by express air travel to guarantee that our products are freshly delivered to their destination with minimum travel time.
Most of our dates are transported by sea in 20 and 40-foot reefer containers which are brought to our warehouse, loaded, and trucked straight to the ports, taking into consideration that our produce is pampered by the cool container temperature which maintains its high quality and freshness during the whole supply chain.