Pal Gardens Congratulates the Two Students of Dual Studies in The Agricultural Field from Al-Quds Open University – Jericho.
Eng. Mo’men Sinokrot, Director of Pal Gardens Agricultural Company, one of Sinokrot Holding Companies, congratulated the two students, Nourhan Nujoum and Ghada Areinat, on the success of their graduation project in the agricultural field (first cohort) within the specialization of dual studies at Al-Quds Open University – Jericho, entitled (Studying the Effect of Temperature and Relative Humidity on The Quality of Stored Medjool Dates.)

Mo’men Sinokrot said, “Pal Gardens Agricultural Company granted full scholarships for the two students throughout their academic years, in addition to a paid training in the Quality Department during the four academic years in the dual studies specialization, which combines theoretical study with practical application on samples of Palestinian Medjool Dates in the company.” And this is a part of an agreement between the company and Al-Quds Open University.

Mr. Sinokrot clarified that, “Careers were secured for the two students in the same department after obtaining their bachelor’s degree, within the framework of achieving the primary purpose of integrating students into the work environment in simultaneousness with their studies, which is getting employment after graduation.”

He continues that, “Pal Gardens is committed to its social responsibility through offering the scholarships to students, which contributes to motivating students to demonstrate a better competence, and to employ them in places that suit their expertise and specializations, to reduce the unemployment rates among Palestinians.”

On their part, the two students said, “The graduation project was accomplished by studying samples of Palestinian Medjool dates stored in Pal Gardens stores, and one of the most important outputs of the project is that Pal Gardens’ refrigerated stores adhere to the optimum storage standards for Dates through the appropriate storage temperature.”

Both of them expressed their gladness due to the presence of a delegation of Pal Gardens for their Graduation Project and their meeting with Dr. Kamal Salameh, President of Al-Quds Open University – Jericho, and Dr. Maan Shaqwara, Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, which is considered a kind of strengthening and appreciation of their efforts exerted during the four academic years, especially after they obtained a career immediately after graduation. They also expressed their gratitude for their presence in Pal Gardens in light of the cooperative environment between the company’s Director and staff.

It is noteworthy that Palestine Gardens Agricultural Company, one of Sinokrot Holding companies, headquartered in Al-Ouja – Jericho and the Jordan Valley, has obtained many local and international quality certifications, in addition to the Halal Certificate from the Palestinian Standards Institution, the International Taste Certificate, and the ISO 22000 Certificate. It exports to more than 26 countries around the world in America, Europe, East Asia, and the Arab Gulf states.

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