Jerusalem- Pal Gardens Agricultural Company, one of Sinokrot Holding Companies, which specializes in high-quality Palestinian Medjool dates, concluded its participation in the bazaar of   Dar Al-Tifel Al-Arabi School located in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood / Jerusalem on March 4, 2023.

Pal Gardens participated in presenting the finest types of Medjool dates in the bazaar, in which the returns and profits will go to the victims who were affected by the devastating earthquake that occurred in the countries of Syria and Turkey last month, where Mr. Ayman Sinokrot commented: “Pal Gardens Company is an integral part of the Palestinian society, and our participation in the bazaar came as a promotion and support for charitable and humanitarian work and to financially support Dar Al-Tifel Al-Arabi School, which was established to house and educate orphaned children in Jerusalem, he also stressed the importance of helping the victims who were affected by the devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria because it strengthens the human bonding and cohesion.”

The bazaar is a charitable and patriotic work at the same time. Through it, many businesses and craftsmen can display their services and products and introduce guests to the various Palestinian industries, especially since the bazaar targets children, which in turn enhances their awareness of the importance and necessity of supporting the national Palestinian product, in light of the hardships that Palestinians face in Jerusalem, particularly, in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood.

The activities of the bazaar varied to include: inflatable toys, children’s corners, and a scout show for school students, through which various products and services were displayed in many corners, including food corner, clothing, accessories, handicrafts, folk embroideries, children’s corner, and hair-braiding.

It is noteworthy that Palestine Gardens Agricultural Company, one of Sinokrot Holding companies, headquartered in Al-Ouja – Jericho and the Jordan Valley, has obtained many local and international quality certificates, in addition to the Halal Certification from the Palestinian Standards Institution, the International Taste Certification, the GLOBAL G.A.P Certification, and the ISO 22000 Certification. It exports to more than 26 countries around the world including America, Europe, East Asia, and the Arab Gulf countries.


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