Dates Molasses

  1. Wash an abundant amount of dates with water, put them in a deep saucepan, then immerse them in water, the amount of water should be twice the amount of dates.
  2. Put the saucepan on medium heat until it boils for about an hour and a half, and the time depends on the quality of the dates used, as there are types that need a period of less or more.
  3. Take the saucepan off the heat, and watch the ripeness of the dates and their ability to mash, then drain using a colander by pressing it until the maximum amount of juice and small pieces come out.
  4. Filter the juice with a clean piece of cloth, and the remaining part of the dates will be preserved and used in other recipes.
  5. Put the juice in a saucepan over medium heat, and leave it until it boils and the water evaporates from it, leaving a thick liquid as sugar syrup and bubbles appear in it.
  6. Leave the date molasses until it cools, then put it in clean packs, and store it in a warm and dark place.

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