Palestine Gardens Agricultural Company participates in the WorldFood Istanbul 2022 on its 30th anniversary

Istanbul, Turkey- Palestine Gardens Agricultural Company, one of Sinokrot Holding companies, which specializes in high-quality Palestinian Medjool dates, is participating in the WorldFood Istanbul 2022 starting from today 1/9/2022 and continuing until 4/9/2022, with the participation of many international food companies and brands.

Pal Gardens is the only Palestinian company that participates in this exhibition in its 30th celebration, and the WorldFood is one of the most significant international exhibitions, and it is part of the series of global food exhibitions that are held in the most important international cities, including Istanbul.

Eng. Mo’men Sinokrot, General Manager of Pal Gardens Agricultural Company, said: “There is an importance to be in the exhibition in Istanbul, as Turkey is an economic bridge as a transcontinental country, with the advantage of its geographical location between Asia and Europe, which allows significant companies and brands to meet, discuss and review the new updates in the world of food and food processing, he continues: “that Turkey gives Palestine a special attention, from a historical and economic point of view, Turkey gives commercial facilities regarding Palestinian Medjool dates, as Palestinian dates are exempt from customs duties in Turkey.”

It is noteworthy that Palestine Gardens Agricultural Company, one of Sinokrot Holding companies, headquartered in Al-Ouja – Jericho and the Jordan Valley, has obtained many local and international quality certificates, in addition to the Halal Certification from the Palestinian Standards Institution, the International Taste Certification, the GLOBAL G.A.P Certification and the ISO 22000 Certification. It exports to more than 26 countries around the world including America, Europe, East Asia, and the Arab Gulf countries.


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